Frequently Asked Questions

Policies & FAQs

The Suraj Smart School is a co-educational school created around the framework of Relevance-Rigor-Relationship. To provide children with the highest quality and no-compromise education, that will be the basis of their overall development and competency for the rest of their lives. If you can't find whatever it is you're looking for, contact us


1. What is the admissions process?

Click here for the details of our admissions process:

2. Does SSS have a Summer Camp Programme?

SSS has a summer camp in the month of May or June, which is a combination of sports, arts and technological activities. This is open to SSS students as well as students from other schools.

3. Does the school provide transport for the students?

SSS provides transportation through buses that are well equipped with GPS tracking, speed governors and bus monitors. Our buses operate across multiple routes around the city.

4. Are there field(educational) trips during the year?

Yes, field trips are an important part of the educational programme at SSS. Students are taken for day trips and 2 – 5 day field trips in different parts of India.

5. Does SSS offer After School Activities?

Yes, SSS does offer Sports Activities such as Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Skating, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Ludo, Chess & many other Indoor & Outdoor Games.

6. What is the ratio of boys to girls?

The approx. ratio of boys to girls is 2:1.

7. Does the SSS building have secured entrances/exit?

A: Yes. We take security very seriously. Our entrances are locked at all times, and parents receive calls/OTP to take the child home.

8. How are parents made aware of their children’s progress at SSS?

A: Communication with parents is an important part of our system. We have our school’s app through which all the information regarding Children’s Progress are sent to Parents directly & our teachers and management are always available to talk with parents.

9. When did the School commence?

Suraj Smart School started its journey in 2009

10. What is the Student : Teacher ratio of a class?

Ratio is approx. 25:1 (from grade 1 to grade 10) & 20 : 1 (for grade Nursery to grade UKG).

11. My child is a bit of an introvert… how can the School help him/her to change that?

There is a difference between a shy and an introvert child. A shy child must not be pushed and forced against their wishes. They should be given more exposure to social events like birthday parties or playing in groups and gently urged to participate. A child’s shyness is not discussed in front of him/her in the School hours. We try to patiently cajole them to participate in various school events and behave in a confident manner ourselves so that children can imitate us. Games and role plays involving social skills are regularly practiced with them.

12. Are you participating in Inter school, National and International level competitions?

Yes, We participate every year, in many Inter school, District, State and National level competitions in both Sports and Academics(Olympiads).

13. How do you take care of students who are weak in a particular subject?

Scholars are asked to stay back at times for remedial classes to provide them extra support, whenever required. A regular feedback regarding the homework and progress of scholars, keeps parents well-informed and ensures a closely monitored development programme for their children.

14. What is your tution policy?

Since the school follows a progressive and sophisticated methodology, external tuition and coaching classes are not advised. In the event you would like to send your child for external classes on any subject, we strongly urge you to discuss it with the school in advance.

15. What other facilities does school offer to the student?

1. The campus is fully air conditioned
2. 10 mbps internet connection, Wi-Fi campus. E-library, e-classrooms, computer labs
3. Career counselling grade 8 onwards
4. Olympic size pool 50m & separate pool for toddlers & beginners
5. Larger 2 multipurpose indoor halls of 2500 sq ft / each
6. separate fields for badminton, volleyball & football
7. 24/7 doctor & nurse available in tied-up hospital(s)
8. Tie- ups with Suraj Hospital
9. 24/7 CCTV monitoring
10. GPS enables school busses